Started in 1985, CURBO Parking Curbs is an Amish family owned business based in Lancaster County, PA

   A unique combination of traditional and modern lifestyles is common in the area surrounding the company, where horse and buggy rigs mingle with trucks and cars on the road. 

   Lancaster County is internationally known for its skilled artisans, quality craftsmanship, and dedicated work ethic.

  This is a fitting location for the work of CURBO Parking Curbs, where in a 15,000 square foot shop, thousands of parking curbs are produced weekly by a talented team, using modern tools and up-to-date, highly-durable finishing techniques. 

   CURBO Parking Curbs serves the entire USA with top quality concrete parking curbs built to last for the ages.
Parking Curbs by CURBO
The largest curb manufacturer providing delivery and install
“With ordinary talent and extraordinary innovation, miracles are attainable.”

Our Vision

  • Be the industry leader in parking curb manufacturing, delivery and installation
  • Continuous Improvement of all CURBO Products, services and processes
  • Grow and fully develop all people working here
  • On time delivery, every time